The Big One Show 2019 | What's in the VIP buckets?

This year’s highly anticipated VIP buckets have been announced and we can show you what you’ll be getting in your VIP bucket upon entry to the show. Below we have listed the contents of the carp and Match VIP Buckets with coarse and sea being added later this week.

This year’s buckets are incredibly good value, the match bucket has an RRP of £83.23 and the carp bucket has an RRP of £104.63

When purchasing a VIP ticket you get access to VIP parking which is closer to the venue, you also get entrance to the VIP lounge where you can get a FREE tea or coffee. As well as a Food Voucher and of course you VIP bucket.

Carp VIP buckets

  • Korda N Trap DF rig size 6 Wide Gape 15lb

  • Korda N Trap DF rig Size 8 Wide Gape 15lb

  • Korda Carp Mono - 12lb Green

  • Korda Extenda Stop large

  • Korda Braided Hair Needle

  • Korda Lead Clip action pack Gravel

  • Korda Pop-Up Corn Fruity squid

  • Korda Solidz PVA Bags

  • Korda Sinkers medium weedy green

  • Korda Kutter 16mm

  • Korda Kickers D rig medium green

  • Korda Anti tangle hook sleeve Gravel

  • Korda Anti tangle hook sleeve weed

  • Korda Anti tangle hook sleeve clay

  • Korda Anti tangle hook sleeve silt

  • Rigmarole Linkteq lead free leader material rrp £11.99

  • Rigmarole Specimon hook link material rrp £4.99

  • Crafty Catcher Fast Food Strawberry & Krill 15mm Boilies 500g

  • Crafty Catcher Big Hit Fresh Pineapple 15mm Boilies 250g

  • Crafty Catcher Candies Bottom Bait 18mm 150g

  • Cotswold Particles Handypack

  • Crafty Catcher Particles Particle Bag Mix 1.1Ltr

  • Crafty Catcher Big Hit Coconut & Maple Cream 15mm Boilies 1Kg

  • Crafty Catcher Big Hit Easy Squeezy Coconut & Maple Cream 100ml

  • Crafty Catcher ZIG BITES Raspberry & Black Pepper 20g

Match VIP Buckets

  • Guru 18 litre bucket

  • Guru speed bead

  • Guru 24g Small X Safe Method Feeder

  • Guru Bait bands 4’ size 18

  • Guru Distance Bomb 31g

  • Guru baiting needle

  • Guru Micro Hair Stops

  • Guru Original catapult

  • Guru 6lb Drag- Line

  • Guru Speedstop

  • Guru Plummet

  • Guru 3.3 pint box

  • C/B Carp/ Halibut Pellets 800g Bag

  • VDE-UK Juicy Pellet Original/ Krill 60gm

  • VDE-UK Juicy Pellet Original/Krill Liquid 100ml

  • C/B Squirtz 250ml

  • VDE-UK Pellets RS Expander Pellets (6mm) 

  • C/B/ VDE Cubed Meat 8mm 100g

  • C/M Krill Method Groundbait 900g

  • Copdock Angling Tares Natural  175gm

  • Ringer’s Chocolate Orange 20g

  • VDE-UK  Groundbait 600g

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