The Big One Show 2019 | Top items of fishing tackle to see

The Big One show only days away now, it’s time to take a pre-event sneaky peek at what will be on offer.

Every possible angling discipline is covered by the biggest names in the business, so there’ll be something for everyone to see and admire over a weekend that is sure to be the best and busiest in the angling show calendar.  


IN the market for a top flight all-round pole? Then visit the Maver stand, where you will find a sample of the new MV-R Performance pole. 

Built around the proven Maver Signature mandrel, it makes use of high-tensile carbon fibre, STER resins and modern Nanolith technology. The result is a pole that matches strength with performance and will be equally at home on both commercials and natural venues.

Price: £899.99

MVR Performance Pole-16.jpg


Fans of margin fishing should head to the Preston Innovations stand for a chat with England International Des Shipp about Preston’s new Edge Monster Margin Pole. 

At 8.5m with its mini extension, it’s strong enough to bully large carp from down the edge, while having enough balance to be comfortably fished at its full length for stockies and F1s. It comes with two Power top-2 kits, each fitted with a Roller Pulla kit and PTFE bush. You also get a spare top kit, mini extension and a pole holdall with tubes.

Price: £149.99

Preston Innovations Edge Monster Margin Pole_Des Shipp.jpg


An early visit to the MAP stand is advised to avoid the queues, as the firm’s stunning new flagship TKS 1001 – billed as the best long pole ever made – makes its debut at The Big One show. This is a pole everyone has been talking about. 

Built around a completely new mandrel, the eagerly-awaited and aspirational TKS 1001 has an impressively slim 43mm butt diameter, making it the slimmest 16m pole ever. 

Other poles in the ever-popular TKS range, now in its third generation, have undergone a makeover that sees improvements to both their lightness and rigidity, and an expansion of the generic top kit options across the board.

Price: £499-£3,999 

MAP TKS pole range.jpg


Sticky Manilla’s year-round range of dips, liquids, pellets and boilies utilises a unique peanut protein new to the bait industry. Big carp find it irresistible, and it ticks all the right nutritional and fishery-friendly boxes. 

The rest of the mix is a proven combination of blended milk proteins and birdfoods. The range is named after a pure Madagascan vanilla extract that will make you want to eat the whole bag yourself!

Manilla Freezer Boilies are available in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm sizes in 1kg or 5kg bags.

Price: From £10.79

Manilla 1.jpg


ONE of the busiest stands at The Big One last year, Octbox looks sure of a repeat performance with the introduction of a new and as yet unseen electric powered barrow. 

Also check out the MK19 D36 box, designed for challenging bank conditions. With sturdy 36mm legs, it also has footplate legs that extend to 3ft. With or without a Baitwaiter pack, key features include a height-adjustable five-drawer top unit.

Price: £850

Octbox MK19 D36.jpg


New to carp fishing? Visit Shimano, which is showcasing its Speedmaster XTC big pit-style reel. The XTC boasts a Hi-Speed front drag system that makes setting up for a run and playing a big fish a doddle.

Super-slow oscillation produces an ironed-flat line lay, and to that you can add a light, robust parallel body, interchangeable knob handle, line reducers and all-black styling.

Price: £129 

Shimano Speedmaster XTC Reel.jpg


Live demos of three high-performance models will take place over the weekend at The Big One’s new indoor lake. 

The top-of-the-range C1 Robot bait boat will attract interest, not least because discounts,
part-exchange facilities and interest-free finance will all be available on the Strikeboat stand.

Price:  From £1,000



The new pocket-sized Echo Pro sonar depth sounder and underwater camera will be exhibited on the Fish Spy stand, where its inventors will happily to talk you through the many features of this clever bit of tech. 

These include lake mapping and file storage, live video streaming and pinpoint sonar detection – all sent with crystal clarity live to your mobile device.

Price: TBA 

Echo Pro A.jpg


Darren Cox will be in the Garbolino exhibition area to talk about the firm’s superb new UK pole series.

Developed solely for UK use, the range includes the hugely impressive flagship UK1 Accomplice pole. Okay, so at over three grand it might be a bit out of your price range, but you still owe it to yourself to have a waggle with it. Who knows what will happen then?

Garbo UK 123.jpg


No show would be complete without the popular Ringer baits stand, where Phil will be making a special appearance on the Saturday – so be sure to pay the stand a visit.

While you are queuing for Phil’s autograph you should take a look at his new Mini Wafter hookbaits – they really are quite special.

Price: £4.99

Ringers Mini Wafters.jpg


Nailed on to become one of the show’s shining stars is Browning’s new Sphere Zero-G PT pole. 

For all matchmen this is make a ‘must see’ product. 

The original Sphere Zero-G F1 is widely regarded as being one of the best flagship poles available.

However, despite being on the market for two years, the same question still gets asked: can it be used for carp, or is it just a pole for silvers and F1s?

The lack of an elastic rating (a deliberate omission by Browning) meant some anglers were nervous about how much pressure the original Zero-G F1 could handle. Well, worry no more. Browning has listened, and responded with the new Sphere Zero-G PT. The PT stands for ‘Performance Tuned’ – it’s still super-stiff and responsive but now packs the extra strength to cope with heavier elastics and bigger fish. It can be fished confidently anywhere from canals, to rivers, to heavily-stocked commercials. Check it out alongside the original Sphere F1+ pole on the Browning stand.

The Zero-G PT is expected to be available this summer, priced at around £3999.

Browning Sphere Zero PT pole.jpg


These pop-ups have been designed in consultation with England Carp Team manager Rob Hughes, who will be around the show all weekend, should you want a quick chat. 

Rob knows more than a thing or two about catching big fish, and how to keep bites coming. 

He has put his experience as a diver to good use, and the knowledge he has gained from seeing what happens beneath the surface has assisted in the development of these deadly baits.

Price: £3.99

Dynamite Hit 'n' Run Pop-Ups.jpg


NOT every day can you chew the fat with a World Champion. So take the time to visit the Vale Royal stand, where England star Sean Ashby will be on hand to discuss the merits of the latest Sensas Nanoflex 1000 pole range. 

Developed with input from Sean and England boss Mark Downes, the Nanoflex series boasts five new all-round models, all built to the same specifications that include plenty of extras. Build a custom package to suit your exact needs!

Price: £850-£2,999

Sensas Nanoflex poles.jpg


Cutting edge carp kit is the domain of RidgeMonkey, offering special show deals and introducing its impressive RM-Tec range of mainlines. 

Mono is a super-strong monofilament that casts and sinks well, has superb abrasion-resistance and knotting qualities, and comes in three breaking strains and colours. 

Fluoro is a pre-stretched mono with a fluorocarbon coating, delivering all the plus points of a fluorocarbon mainline while retaining the superior casting ability of a mono.

Braided Mainline has zero stretch and is fantastic for long-range tactics, or fishing in weedy/snaggy venues. It is priced from £18.99 for a 1200m spool of Mono through to £71.99 for a 1200m spool of Braided Mainline.

Ridge Monkey Mainlines.jpg


One of the most popular attractions at The Big One show is always the super-cool Guru stand, and not to be missed are its new range of pole floats.

Manufactured in-house to the strict specifications of famous float builder Mick Wilkinson, all eight make full use of Mick’s ultra-reliable materials and unique float-building processes. 

The initial April launch will be of Pinger Wire, Carbons and Diamonds, with more patterns pencilled in for July and September.  

Guru Pinger wire pole float (2).jpg


Tired from walking around the show? Head over to the Wychwood stand for a sit-down on one of its new Tactical X chairs. 

Weighing just 3.5kg, the Compact model has a one-piece rear support and adjustable front legs. The standard version offers more padding and a higher back support, and its backrest also reclines, plus there are adjustable legs all round. 

For even more support, the Low-Arm Chair is equipped with arm rests, has fixed straight back positioning, and weighs just 5kg. 

The daddy of the range, the High Arm-Chair, has a reclining backrest and a much more elevated seating position. 

Price: From £44.99 

Wychwood Tactical chairs.jpg


Get yourself over to the Crafty Catcher stand for a look at what the company is up to. 

Among a number of one-off show deals is an outstanding package that includes a stalking rucksack stuffed full of bait. 

The deal features 10kg of the new Nectar Plus boilies, dips,
pop-ups, bait spray and even a free beanie hat… amazing show value at £75 considering it carries a retail price of £145!

Crafty catcher _Rucksack deal.jpg
Sam Curtis